Make positive changes
in your life.

Health is about a lot more than your physical or financial situation. Emotional health is truly the foundation of your overall well-being.

Ben E. Keith supports your emotional health in many ways, including offering paid vacation, Company holidays, and a personal holiday each year.

Whenever you need confidential one-on-one support, contact GuidanceResources® to find help with everything from coping with stress to making a will.


The amount of vacation you receive is based on how long you have worked at Ben E. Keith. Vacation time is added on your anniversary date, and must be used within 12 months of your anniversary. You cannot rollover vacation time for future use. Talk to your HR Manager or Office Manager for additional information.

Company-paid holidays

Ben E. Keith observes seven holidays each year. To receive holiday pay, you must work your scheduled days before and after the holiday.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Personal holidays

On your 91st day at Ben E. Keith, you will receive one Company-paid personal day. Each January 1st, you’ll receive a personal day to use during the calendar year. Talk to your supervisor before you schedule your day off. Personal days do not carry over from year to year.


All employees and their dependents can use this no cost, 24/7 confidential resource for many of life’s challenges. Talk to a counselor about relationship and family problems, stress, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, and substance abuse.

  • Get a referral and find customized resources for child and elder care, moving/relocation, pet care, plan for college, repair and sell a house and more.
  • Attorneys are available to answer questions about legal matters including adoption, real estate, debt, leases, civil and criminal actions.
  • Financial support for budgeting, debt management, tax issues and other money concerns from on-staff  certified public accounts and financial planners.

Go to and use Organization Web ID BEK to register/log in or call 1-866-517-1267. Spanish-speaking representatives and support are available.

You can also utilize these resources to help navigate challenges in your life and your community.

Other emotional health support

Every BEK medical plan covers a wide range of emotional support benefits, including everything from virtual visits to in-patient treatment.

UHC plans
Log in or register on, then click on Find a Doctor to find and compare average costs for providers in your network, including mental health services.

BCBS plan
Go to and log in or register. Click on Find a Doctor, then select Treatment Cost Estimator to find and compare average costs in your network, including mental health services.